Oshawa Italian Recreation Club: Misconceptions on Italians

Oshawa Italian Recreation Club is offering activities, programs and charitable donations. We are composed of Italian-Canadian individuals who like to sing, dance and dine. Our club enjoys the most of our dual heritage.

Oftentimes, when tourists travel to Italy, they carry misconceptions and assumptions about the country. We would like to take it out of your heads and clear some misconceptions so that you can further enjoy your stay here in Italy.

Misconceptions about Italians

Italians are short and they have dark hair

People must know that Italy has 20 regions and 2 large islands. Each region of course has different cultures. Some tourists notice that Italians are short because they encounter Italians from the south. Although people are typically shorter and have black hair in the south, you can easily find taller and more blond people in the north and especially the northeast.

Italy means consuming Mediterranean food

Going to Italy doesn’t necessarily mean that you will just be consuming mediterranean food. The reality is that the majority of what we call Mediterranean food comes from the south of the country such as olive oil, onions, pizza, fresh vegetables, mozzarella, and pasta. But traditionally, the north has much richer and continental food, such as soups, beans and polenta, hams and salamis based on pork and rice.

Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice is Italy

This information is for the foreigners who go on a regular trip in Italy. Italy is not restricted to these places, it has so much to offer. There are special and beautiful towns outside these cities. There is an old church or cathedral in almost every area, and every village has a tradition to share, food to try, wine to taste, and events to attend.

One interesting fact is that there are no big cities in Italy. The biggest one is Rome, which has 2.8 million citizens.

Italians don’t pay taxes

Many Italians didn’t pay taxes in the past. Foreigners should know that Italy has one of the highest tax rates in the world.

The government collects 43.5% of the national GDP. They come in third after Europe, Denmark and Sweden. 

All Italians Speak italian

Some Italians are actually bilingual, particularly in the south and in the border regions, where German and French are still spoken.

The majority of Italians spoke their own dialect as their first language until the 1960s. No one knows how many dialects there are in Italy, particularly because even village-to-village dialects differ slightly.

Italians drive like crazy

This depends on the city that you are in, if you are a foreigner, avoid driving in Naples. There is also a reason Italians drive small cars. this is because roads are often small, parking space can be a problem, and the cost of fuel is too high.

Italians move their hands while they talk

This is true. This is because Italians tend to impose and show their way of being straightforward. Sometimes they use signs that can substitute or support the language. 

Italy is a Christian country

Even though Italy is one of the countries where everything began, today it is a mixture of materialism, superstition, and traditional religiosity.

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