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The ICCD Women’s Committee is always hard at work – not only are these women actively helping out with all the regularly offered events and services, but they go the extra mile to organize their own events for the further enjoyment of women in the community.

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Oshawa Italian Recreation Club: Women’s Committee 

Women engagement within the community is vital for Oshawa Italian Recreation Club which led to the creation of the Women’s Committee. They are in charge of keeping the organization a safe space for Italian-Canadian women living in Oshawa, Canada. 

Most events that are coordinated by the organization are women-led activities and we are proud to give them a place to shine and hone their leadership skills and community engagement. The community believes that women have the ability to birth great ideas and execute them creatively through artistic means. 

The Italian women that lead the community in a progressive path are headstrong and tough. No problem will be left unsolved under the supervision of the Women’s Committee. Get to know the women behind Oshawa Italian Recreation Club!

Women’s Committee Officers and Members

There are three positions that are open for elections among the female members of the committee and they hold this at the end of each year. 

The top three leadership positions are:

  • The Chairwoman – She leads the Women’s Committee throughout the year and is the key person who is responsible for all the events that the group organizes. Every important decision that the committee agrees on goes under her scrutiny. 
  • Treasurer – Because most events and services fall under the supervision of the committee, they become responsible for the earnings that the organization gets. The treasurer’s job is to keep track of the money and report her accounting books to the board of directors. 
  • Secretary – As the heart and soul of the committee, she keeps track of everything that they do especially in meetings and events. It is under her guidance that each of the committee members is assigned different tasks to help organize the services and events that fall under their care. 

There is a turnover ceremony that is coordinated by the outgoing set of officers along with the board members of Oshawa Italian Recreation Club. This ceremony is held within the anniversary party of the organization as part of the closing program. 

For this year, the Women’s Committee is led by the following people:

  • The chairwoman: Maria Sirizzotti
  • Treasurer: Anna Reitano
  • Secretary: Teresa Lorusso
  • Committee members:
    • Carmela Fortino
    • Anna Rocchetta
    • Silvana Lutterotti
    • Teresa Custoza
    • Anna Amendola

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